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Our audiologists provide a private consultation with the patient and other family members or friends to help determine the individual’s hearing needs. The audiogram or hearing test is just part of the picture. Individuals with the same hearing loss report a wide variety of difficulty with hearing depending on their unique lifestyle, type of employment, and age. In general, the younger the individual with hearing loss, the more difficulty they will have with a lesser degree of hearing loss. Today’s amplification comes in a wide variety of sizes and technology. Patients who in the past were not considered to be amplification candidates may now have new technologies available to meet their hearing needs. Patients with mild hearing loss in the high frequencies used to be very difficult to fit. However, with today’s digital technology and open fittings, many of these patients are very happy with amplification.

Individuals who suspect hearing loss should at the very least have a complete audiological evaluation. The audiologist and the physician can evaluate any medical or amplification needs. Even if you are not ready to pursue hearing aids it is important that you know if you have hearing loss and the degree of that loss. If you have any concerns about your hearing or the hearing of someone you know, we encourage you to come in for an evaluation.

Diagnostic Testing

Wake ENT Specialists offers diagnostic hearing tests that are contiguous with specialized ENT evaluation and care. We also offer treatment for Tinnitus. Dr. Gupta is experienced in audiological and vestibular testing services for pediatric through geriatric populations.

Please make an appointment to see Dr. Gupta about your hearing issues. Call 919.851.5636 to make an appointment.

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