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Signs You May Have Developed an Allergy

Many children have allergies: to medication, foods or environmental factors. But as an adult, you might be surprised to learn you can develop allergies to things that never bothered you previously. With as many as 30% of adults dealing with allergies, it’s a common problem seen at Wake Ear Nose and Throat Specialists in Cary, NC. Our ENT physician – Dr. Pankaj Gupta – explain how adult-onset allergies start and what to do about them, here.

Allergens affecting adults

The same types of allergy-causing triggers that affect children can also affect adults in their 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s and 70’s. Many find themselves suffering with itching, hives and sneezing once the weather warms and pollen, weeds and grass becomes more prevalent. Environmental allergies – molds, dust or animal dander – can also wreak havoc. Medications or food – in particular shellfish, nuts or certain fruits – may also cause an allergic reaction and send people to their Cary ENT for treatment.

Why are allergies affecting me now?

Whatever the trigger, allergies happen when the immune system has an over-reactive response to a stimulant. As to why that happens, experts say it’s not quite clear. A change of environment – such as a move to a warmer climate – could be the cause. It may be that the allergic person has always had the issue and has simply become more aware of their reactions as they get older.

How do I know if it’s an allergy?

The best way to pinpoint an allergy is to have an evaluation from your ENT. Various symptoms might lead you in that direction: a persistent cough or sore throat with no other cold symptoms, itchy and watery eyes, a persistently runny nose with clear discharge or difficulty breathing in the absence of any other diseases.

At Wake Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, we are committed to helping you find the source of your allergies, regardless of the age they begin, and working with you to manage your symptoms. Contact us in Cary, NC to set up a consultation today!

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