Allergy Treatment Options

Treat Allergies in Cary, NC

Wake ENT Specialists offers two options for allergy treatment:  Shot Immunotherapy and Sublingual Drop Immunotherapy.

Treat Allergies in Cary, NC

Shot Therapy will require patients to come to our office once a week for one or multiple injections (depending on the number of allergies).  Shot Therapy may be covered under the patient's insurance plan. However, depending on insurance benefits, charges may be covered completely, partially or not at all (if, for example, treatment falls into the patient's insurance deductible, then he or she may be responsible for the treatment costs).  We suggest that each patient calls their insurance company to check for specific benefit information.

Sublingual Drop Therapy offers a safe and effective alternative to allergy shots for patients who work, travel often, and/or prefer not to have shots.  Children also prefer this type of treatment as they do not have to tolerate weekly injections.  This option allows patients to save time and money sparing the costs of weekly copays, gas, and other expenses related to regular office visits. Clinic staff will mix individual treatment vial(s) and provide the first set of drops at the initial treatment appointment.  Vial(s) can then be taken home and self-administered daily.  Each vial will last 3 months, at which time the next vial may be picked up at the clinic.

We recommend that all of our allergy patients have a visit with Dr. Gupta every six months to discuss treatment and symptoms.

For more information on Allergies, call Wake Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists in Cary, NC at 919-851-5636!

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